Scribble.Party game is a multiplayer puzzle and a sketcher. You can play fun, as in the company of friends, and join unfamiliar children. It all depends on the choice of room. The main goal - to guess the riddles of other participants and guess yourself. All this happens with the help of images. If the role of the master drops out, then you must draw the given object.

Points are obtained by those players who correctly guess the painted object, as well as the one who portrayed it. There is an opportunity to choose the category in which it is most powerful, or create your own.

Scribble.Party great entertainment, where you can show your imagination and have fun chatting in the chat. Mouse control.


Like this game, but you do not know how to play correctly? After watching the video you will understand the meaning and rules of Scribble.Party, because it is better to see once than hear or read a hundred times. Here you will control yourself, which will have to guess and draw on the game map. It is implemented as a board where you need to click the computer mouse to make pencil active. The overall picture is displayed in white tones, which is combined with its style.