Developers offer you a new multiplayer game, which we advise you to open the full screen. In it you will end up on a strange planet where you need to survive. To do this, you need to find resources and pump the character. Your enemies will not only be different animals (bears, wolves), monsters resembling stone golems, but also players.

Resources must be obtained by breaking stone and gold boulders and trees. Killing animals, you get skins, meat. All this will help to replenish life, strengthen its protection. In addition, resources can be used to make weapons, torches, traps, and so on. Also, you need to build a database of found elements. will give you the opportunity to raise the level and experience, and then pump up your character, which in the future will improve health, improve attack, dexterity, you can also increase the productivity of resource collection, regeneration and so on. The easiest way to understand the gameplay is by watching the video passage.

In addition to the usual pressing concerns, you need to think about your own safety. This game will appeal to those users who adore arcades for survival. Unfortunately, many users complain that it is impossible to play without lags, let's hope that in the future developers optimize its work.


Like this game, but you do not know how to play correctly? After watching the video you will understand the meaning and rules of, because it is better to see once than hear or read a hundred times. Here you will control character, which will have to survive on the game map. It is implemented as a green Planet where you need to click the computer mouse to make pick or hammer active. The overall picture is displayed in dark green tones, which is combined with its style.